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2 Fires in the North East

2 Fires in the North East

2 separate fires destroy a wildlife sanctuary and a shed

A fire has ripped through a wildlife sanctuary which also offers glamping with animals in the North East.

Emergency services were called to the Wildlife Stays on Bucklands Gap Road in Beechworth, after reports it was engulfed in flames on Thursday night.

Several animals have been killed, including reptiles, a dog and a cat.

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On their Facebook page, the owners Sue and Dave made a heartfelt statement.

"On Thursday night a terrifying fire engulfed our home. We have lost 2 of our most cherished babies, little waif Bellatrix and beautiful girl Iluka were trapped in our home. Everything we had including nearly all our animals have perished. We are completely heartbroken and lost. I'm so sorry to the parents of Cecil, Rocket and Kylo, we did everything in our power to rescue everyone but couldn't get to them all. We would ask everyone that have bookings with us to please wait a couple of weeks and then send us an email with your details as we have lost all our records. We are humbled by the incredible generosity of the people of Beechworth that have been so kind to us, thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts x".

Friday night fire in Wangaratta
Several cars were damaged on Friday night during a shed fire in Wangaratta.

Emergency services were called to Higgins Street, after explosions were heard by neighbours at 9:35pm.

No one has been injured, but the contents of the shed has been destroyed.

The cause is still unknown.

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