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Image: Wolfblur/Pixabay

Beechworth Winery

Beechworth Winery

Image: Wolfblur/Pixabay

Drinking permit denied for Beechworth Winery

A permit has been denied for a winery in Beechworth to serve alcohol for 13 hours a day, following a council meeting.

Indigo Shire Council have decided not to allow Haldon Estate Wines to have hours extended for the consumption of alcohol.

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The winery was looking to extend its hours to 10am until 11pm, but the hours were too late for the Indigo Shire Council.

Mayor Jenny O'Connor says that councillors felt that the hours needed to be more restricted and the hours should not be extended.

"The meeting on Tuesday night considered that councillors felt that the area where alcohol could be consumed should be more restricted... considering they are too close to a residential area".

"The winery can apply for another permit for different hours".

It was a 3-3 tied vote and the Mayor Jenny O'Connor used a casting vote to propose against changing the hours.

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