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Border Red Tape Cut

Border Red Tape Cut

MP Vows to Tackle Issues

Red tape must be cut for people who live and work on both sides of the border, according to Member for Indi Helen Haines.

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The comments come following some good news for the border region, as legislation has been passed that will reduce red tape for people who work on both sides.

As of July 1, tradespeople will be able to have one licence that will cover them for Victorian and New South Wales, which will reduce costs and paperwork.

"This was a good piece of legislation, I was really happy to support this," says Dr Haines. "And I'm going to be working hard with government to make sure we can stamp out some other problems we have with our cross border issues."

She says local young people continually bring up the fact that rules around learners permits and probationary drivers licences are different in the two states.

"There's different rules around the speeds they can travel, around the numbers of people they can have in their car, and indeed the age they can be when they're on learners permits."

Dr Haines says last year's border closures highlighted the urgent need for reform when it comes to differences between states.

"It really brought to light how much we operate as one community, and how artificial the border is in terms of everyday life," she says.

"We need to get this sorted. We are the same community, we're only a river apart, and we should have the same laws."

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