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Border Travel Exemption

Border Travel Exemption

Rules Changed for Bubble Residents

After much confusion, restrictions have been amended for Victorian border residents wanting to travel to NSW.

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There was outcry over the weekend, when Victorian residents realised that NSW government restrictions meant they still had to obey stay-at-home orders when they crossed the border, even after those orders had been lifted in Victoria.

But NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has now signed a public health order amendment, which gives an exemption for border residents, as long as they haven't been outside the Victorian border region in the last 14 days, and do not travel outside the NSW border region.

It's a great relief for border residents, many of whom were barred from restaurants, churches, and sporting grounds over the weekend because of the rules.

The change comes into effect from midday on Monday 7 June, and the border bubble region is the same as it was during 2020.

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