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Burn Offs Out of Control

Burn Offs Out of Control

Warning for North East

The CFA is urging North East locals to take fire safety seriously, after having to attend to a number of burn offs over the weekend that had gotten out of control.

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Burn offs are permitted, as the fire danger period is now over, but the conditions can still be dangerous.

"It appears that because the weather has cooled off a little bit, people believe the fire conditions are okay to burn, but the grass is still quite dry," says local CFA Assistant Chief Fire Officer Rod Railton.

"We haven't had significant rain as yet," he adds. "We've had slight rains, but not enough to fully make it safe."

He says people just need to put all safety precautions in place while burning off, particularly making sure to have enough resources on hand in case things do get out of control.

"Make sure you still have fire breaks in place, make sure you've still got a number of people to assist in the fires if it happens to get out of the control burn area. Just be vigilant, and make sure fires are fully out before leaving them unattended."

And if you do plan to burn off, CFA wants you to let them know by calling the burn off notification line on 1800 668 511, which will prevent them sending out volunteers to a fire that is under control.

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