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Cheapest Fuel in Vic

Cheapest Fuel in Vic

The cheapest fuel in Victoria is on our doorstep

RACV has conducted a study of the cheapest fuel in Victoria, with over 500 petrol stations measured for their price average.

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The result? Turns out Benella has the cheapest fuel across the state, averaging on just 132 cents a litre!

Wodonga and Shepparton closely followed on the list at 139 cents a litre.

The study was done to combat the myth that country fuel prices are more expensive than CBD prices.

It further stated that the cheaper prices can be put down to local competitive rivalry, with stations trying to match or better their neighbours.

Unfortunately, it's not all rainbows and smileys for us, with Yarrawonga (148c) and Cobram (at 146c) topping the most expensive fuel list.

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