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Council rate rises due

Council rate rises due

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Council rate rises due

Councils in Victoria, including the North East, have until March 31 to apply for a rate rise in excess of the rate cap of 2.5% set by the State Government.

The rate cap was established under the Fair Go Rates System in 2015 to control rate rises in the State.

Councils seeking a rise above the cap must demonstrate a long term funding need, supported by good financial planning.

The Border Mail reports that Wodonga could be one of those but Mayor of Wangaratta Dean Rees says he doesn't believe a rate increase is necessary.

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"It is always a tough time of year to see what Council is going to do, as far as I can see I don't want to raise the rate cap, 2.5 is enough, and as a rate payer myself it can be sometimes unaffordable to meet the repayments every year. We seem to be financially okay and we just need to continue on that way".

"There's heaps on investment, we at council haven't greatly spoken about it, so we've made sure that our physical policy is that we can support and sustain what we've got in place and we need to keep going down that path so I believe we can make it all work and everything will pay off in the short term".

"Wangaratta's a great place, make sure you come and see us here in Wangaratta, we're moving towards the future, whatever we do at council it's here, it's right now and it's right for Wangaratta".

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