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Hawking hearing continues

Hawking hearing continues

Hawking hearing continues

As the committal hearing at the Wangaratta Magistrates court continues for Senior Constable Luke Hawking, the court has heard from the daughter of the alleged victim that her mother reported to her that a Wangaratta Police Officer had touched her inappropriately.

The Border Mail reports the daughter cannot be identified as the identity of the alleged victim would be revealed.

The daughter said her mother had explained how her other daughters ex boyfriend had broken into the house and stolen a phone which she reported.

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The paper goes on to report a Wangaratta Police Officer had allegedly digitally penetrated her according to the daughters recount of her mothers conversation.

When her mother's border line personality disorder and history of making untrue claims was raised by the defence, the Alleged victims daughter said her mother was a very truthful person.

The hearing continues next week and is for the Magistrates Court to determine if there is a case against the officer

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