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Huge Lotto Win for Shep

Huge Lotto Win for Shep

Huge Lotto Win for Shep

Look out for some new Louis Vuitton handbags in Shepparton, after five workmates who split the ticket won the TattsLotto division one prize worth over $1 million dollars.

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The Shepparton workers have had a regular sweep to buy entries for the last three years, and finally it has paid off winning a total of $1,017,643.37.

The group of workmates who wish to remain anonymous got together for a coffee to celebrate and are still in disbelief.

This is the seventh division one prize to come out of Shepparton Plaza Lotto in the last eleven years, with the last one being Christmas 2018.

Moral of the story, start sucking up to all of your Shep mates just in case they’re the winners.

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