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Huge Police Pursuit

Huge Police Pursuit

Huge Police Pursuit

The four people responsible for the police pursuit on Monday have received bail and will appear in court again later this year.

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The crazy pursuit started from a burglary on Phillipson Street in Wangaratta around 2.10pm on Monday.

The four culprits stole tools and then left the premises in a black Volkswagen Golf Sedan, police later followed them and various attempts were made to intercept the vehicle through Wangaratta.

The culprits then headed onto the Hume Freeway at excessive speeds of 190km/hr and eventually police nudged the vehicle in Bridge Street, Benalla forcing it to a stop.

The method of the ram has been questioned, although police defend the nudge saying that the dangerous car was heading into a school zone and looking like it could hit a lollipop lady.

The Barandunda man (24), believed to be the driver of the vehicle, has been charged with burglary, theft, reckless conduct endangering life, driving in a dangerous manner, evading police, dangerous driving while being pursued by police, and possession of a drug of dependence.

The other three (16,19,21) have been charged with burglary and theft and will appear in court at a later date.

Check out the crazy intercept footage in Benalla:

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