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VIC SES Warns of Landslides

As the state continues to see the effects of a La Niña weather pattern, Victoria State Emergency Service\ (VICSES) continues to prepare for landslides in bushfire affected areas in the North East.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) summer modelling suggests the La Niña will strengthen and peak in December, and that it will be wetter than average for most of Australia until January.

This means an increased risk of flash flooding, and accompanying landslide risk.

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Flash flooding can happen anywhere if storms bring heavy rain that falls nearby. It is different to riverine flooding in that it comes and goes quickly, while riverine flooding can take hours to days to affect communities along a floodplain.

The community is urged to continue getting Flood Ready and be on the lookout for landslides - particularly if travelling in fire-affected areas and especially at night after heavy rain.

VICSES knows landslides, storms and floods are the last thing we need, but with heavy rain forecast to continue into warmer months, landslides are likely to occur, especially fire-affected areas are at a higher risk of landslides due to damaged vegetation and soil structure.

You need to act quickly if you come across a landslide or a landslide happens nearby that puts the
community at risk:

 Call 132 500 for emergency assistance or to report the landslide to VICSES.
 Call Triple Zero (000) in life threatening emergencies.
 Stay away from landslides. Landslide slopes may continue to move for hours to days afterwards.
o If you are outside, move away quickly and keep clear of embankments, trees, powerlines and poles.
o If you are inside during a landslide, move to the part of the building that is furthest away from the approaching landslide and take shelter under a table or bench.

 Stay safe by avoiding damaged buildings, fallen trees and powerlines, blocked or damaged
roads. Be aware of other hazards caused by the landslide.
 Stay informed – monitor emergency warnings through the VicEmergency app, website and hotline 1800 226 226.
 VicTraffic - or 13 11 70

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