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McCurdy Case Dismissed

McCurdy Case Dismissed

Not Enough Evidence to Convict

The case of fraud against local MP Tim McCurdy has been dismissed.

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The Member for Ovens Valley was accused of falsifying the paperwork for the sale of two dairy farms in the region in 2009, pocketing the commissions of $270,000.

A jury began hearing evidence on April 7, and he would have been ineligible to sit in parliament had he been found guilty.

Victorian County Court Judge George Georgiou said there was not enough evidence to support a conviction, so he discharged the jury and directed an entry of not guilty be placed on the record for each charge.

Mr McCurdy told reporters outside court that the decision was a relief, after 10 years of maintaining his innocence.

He did say there were people with "dirt under their fingernails".

"A few people have got an axe to grind and in the passage of time that will all come out too."

He says he is not considering civil action.

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