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Tim McCurdy elected

Tim McCurdy elected

Tim McCurdy elected

In the Victorian seat of Ovens Valley the count is over and the result is in and although the margin has been reduced the sitting member Tim McCurdy is again our representative for the next 4 years,

Mr. McCurdy says there is a sense of relief the campaign is over but now the work begins with his communications with the Ministers of the Andrew's Government.

"There's a great sense of relief and I'm delighted that the constituents in the Ovens Valley chose to go with me again for another 4 years. I've already written to many of the ministers that have been inducted into the new cabinet to tell them about the priorities of the Ovens Valley and hopefully we can secure that funding over the coming years".

Mr. McCurdy says one of those is infrastructure.

"Our towns are growing, people are starting to move out of Melbourne and we need to build it and they will come, and we need to just keep our infrastructure for schools and health, our roads have really fallen away in the last few years, and public transport, not just backwards and forwards to Melbourne but across the region as well so public transport is still a high priority".

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He says whilst that is important, you can't forget the smaller hospitals so he will be campaigning to ensure their up keep.

"We need some of our smaller hospitals like Cobram, Yarrawonga, Myrtleford, to make sure that they stay in good shape otherwise it just puts more and more pressure on the big hospitals like Wangaratta so it's really important that we keep health local to our local communities".

Mr McCurdy says it was a tough campaign with six candidates for the job which he was pleased with, giving the electorate choices.

"As most elections go, sadly they get a bit nasty at times, but you've just got to cop that on the chin that's the business we're in although I don't like that we have to cop it on the chin but look it was a hard fought contest, there was 6 candidates and it's great to see people in the Ovens Valley had choices, I'm pleased that 6 of us put our hand up to run and now I'll take that baton forward and represent the people".

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