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New Holiday Proposal

New Holiday Proposal

Another Public Holiday Could Help Regions

There are calls for the Victorian government to declare another public holiday weekend later in the year, to boost tourism in the regions.

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Rural Councils Victoria says a long weekend in Spring would stimulate rural and regional economies hit hard by lockdowns and the lack of Melbourne-based tourists over many important events, including the upcoming Queen's Birthday long weekend.

"If that decision was made soon it would give businesses time to plan for that," says Chair Mary-Ann Brown.

"And I would hope that by that stage there'll be a much higher level of vaccination in the community, the likelihood of lockdowns will be significantly less, and it will be an opportunity for everybody to celebrate the hard work that's been done over the last 18 months or so."

Ms Brown says many businesses have not been able to recoup their 2020 losses this year either, and there is not another public holiday until the Melbourne Cup.

She suggests that the AFL Grand Final weekend could be extended by a day.

“While up to 90,000 can watch the match at the MCG, everyone else is invited to rural and regional Victoria for a Covid-free and Covid-safe party.” 

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