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Night Shelter Needs Vols

Night Shelter Needs Vols

Winter Shelter Opening back up

The Wangaratta Night Shelter helps locals in need over winter, but they desperately need volunteers.

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"The Night Shelter effectively provides a community for those that are struggling with homelessness, loneliness and heartache," explains spokesperson Di Duursma.

"We see that we can make a difference by providing a place that is safe for people to sleep, providing them with a warm meal, and providing them with a place they feel like they can belong."

They operated at reduced capacity last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it made things very difficult. They need about 150 volunteers to be able to operate fully.

"The community did the best that they absolutely could last year, and as we look back it was an incredible thing to be able to achieve," says Ms Duursma.

"But we're aware that the need this year may actually increase due to the impacts of COVID on our economy, on our social system and on the issue of homelessness and systemic poverty in our country."

They're holding an information session tonight to attract new recruits, and to answer any questions people might have. Ms Duursma says they want anyone over the age of 18 who has compassion.

"Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and many different places in our community. But first and foremost they need to have a lack of judgement and an acceptance fo people where they're at. Everyone has a story, and they just need someone who will make them feel welcome."

The information session is tonight at Wangaratta's CWA Hall on Templeton Street. Sign in is at 7pm, and the session will run from 730-830.

If you can't make it but still want to get involved, you can email, or visit their Facebook page.

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