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No new COVID-19 cases

No new COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 Update 26 May 2020

Northeast Health Wangaratta have recorded no new positive cases of COVID-19 since Easter, which also includes the Benalla Rural City, Mansfield Shire and Moira Shire.

The hospital has now also removed the tent which was stationed at the front of the emergency department in Wangaratta.

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CEO of Northeast Health Wangaratta, Tim Griffiths says that people presenting to the emergency department will be met upon arrival by assessment staff who will then determine whether further COVID-19 screening is required. He also says that following an easing of restrictions in Victoria, Northeast Health Wangaratta will be increasing elective surgery to 50% of normal activity levels by the end of May.

“In line with the National Cabinet decision on 15 May, Victoria will move to increase elective surgery to 50% of normal activity levels by the end of May. The plan no longer specifies which surgeries or procedures can be performed. It is estimated that public health services are currently just above 40% of normal surgical activity levels (due to continuation of category 1 surgery and other urgent cases). Subject to review on a monthly basis is it anticipated that by 31 May, health services will move to up to 50% of normal elective surgery activity levels. Increases in surgery will continue subject to the monthly review up to 75% of normal elective surgery activity levels by 30 June and up to 100% of normal elective surgery activity levels by 31 July”.

Restrictions are still in place for visiting friends and family members at aged care homes to protect the vulnerable members in community.
· Only (1) visitor per patient (2 if travelling together) in all inpatient wards including maternity and visitors accompanying an outpatient attending an appointment
· Visiting hours will be strictly 12 noon to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm daily
· Visitors are permitted to stay for up to one hour at a time
· Visitors will NOT be permitted if they have a fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath, have travelled from overseas in the past two weeks or have identified as having close personal contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case
· As a support person of a maternity admission. Maternity patients will be asked to identify ONE ONLY consistent visitor for the duration of their stay
Exception to these restriction do apply, such as supporting a loved one in end of life care.

To date there has been 1,881 screening calls to Northeast Health Wangaratta COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening Clinic Hotline and 1,246 people swabbed at Northeast Health Wangaratta COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening Clinic.

The testing clinic in Wangaratta is open everyday 7 days a week from 8:30am - 5:30am.

The hotline number is 1800 324 942.

Confirmed cases, Wangaratta (2), Wodonga (1), Moira (11), Benalla (3), Mansfield (3).

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