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No right turn

No right turn

New pedestrian crossings affect carpark Exit

With the installation of new pedestrian crossings in Ford St Wangaratta, there has been a change to the traffic flow exiting the Big W carpark.

Mayor of the Rural City of Wangaratta Dean Rees says although the crossing have been in operation over the last week many drivers are making an illegal right turn

“Turning right against a ‘no right turn’ sign is illegal and puts pedestrians in danger,

We understand this is a change, we are urging drivers to stick to the road rules and obey the signs.”

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The three pedestrian crossings are being constructed as part of the Wangaratta Project: CBD Masterplan, with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) contributing $100,000 to the road safety initiative.


The two Ford Street zebra crossings are fully operational, while the Ovens Street “wombat” (raised pedestrian priority) crossing is currently under construction and expected to be operational within the next week.

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