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Recycling hope in Wang

Recycling hope in Wang

Recycling hope in Wang

Ever since China banned the importation of 24 types of recyclable materials, Australia’s waste management industry has taken a massive toll yet the Mayor re-assures locals they are working on a plan.

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Mayor of Wangaratta Dean Rees said while the cost factor is unknown at this stage, council are working on a self managed option.

“We are working with some organisations that could hopefully make our waste charges very affordable. It’s a process that could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, but we are working hard on it,” he said.

With 1.3 million tonnes of recyclable waste has been affected since the ban the Mayor further suggested that we will have a solution based locally.

“If it happens it means we hope that we can recycle hard plastic, right here in Wangaratta,” he said.

Mr Rees further confirmed they will not be sending it to landfill and confirms he should have more information in June/July.

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