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Rental Scam

Rental Scam

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Housing Shortage Being Manipulated

Scammers are taking advantage of the rental housing shortage to con people desperate for a place to live.

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Albury police have issued a warning after receiving a number of reports of people being scammed.

Reports are that potential renters are being contacted, given an address to drive past and then asked to pay a deposit to confirm the arrangement.

They then cannot get in touch with the "realtor" again, losing their money.

Websites like Gumtree are allegedly also being used, with renters being told they have been approved for a house or room and must pay their deposit in 24 hours.

Police believe the chronic shortage of rental properties across the region mean people are more vulnerable to being conned.

They are urging prospective renters to make sure they do in-person inspections and meet the realtor before handing over any money.

Reports can be made to

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