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Hybrid Classes are Back

Hybrid Classes are Back

Students have returned to face-to-face learning with a new hybrid model

Schools in the North East Region have started their staggered returns to the classrooms this week.

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Preps, grade 1 and 2 students along with years 11 and 12 have been back to school full time since the start of the month.

Year 7 students started full-time in-person learning this week.

While on Tuesdays and Wednesdays years 3, 4, 8 and 9 are face to face.

Then on Thursdays and Fridays years 5, 6 and 10 are in classes.

This will continue for next week and then all regional students will be back to normal for the last week of the month.

Principle of Galen College Bernard Neal said it is a little confusing, but the school is trying to make it as consistent as they can within the government guidelines.

“One parent who has four children, one in primary school and three at Galen, said it was a good thing because she didn’t have to deal with students squabbling at each other or trying to compete with each other for the best spot in the house for the internet access,” Mr Neal said.

Despite the challenges of the hybrid model students work better in the classroom.

“Students can test their ideas against each other and they have immediate access to teachers and recourses which is important in the practical classes,” said Mr Neal.

“The social impact can’t be underestimated either, particularly for the younger students who may have started secondary school this year. The opportunity to make friends and catch up with their peers has been extremely interrupted.”

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