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Teen Vaping Rise

Teen Vaping Rise

Parents and their Kids Urged to Attend Webinar

With more young people taking up vaping, local parents and guardians are being urged to attend a free webinar on the issue.

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Of those aged 18–24, nearly 2 in 3 current smokers and 1 in 5 non-smokers reported having tried e-cigarettes, which is a big increase from 2016 according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

They are concerned e-cigarettes may normalise the act of smoking and attract young people.

Headspace is hosting the webinar, which aims to sort out fact from fiction and start a conversation.

Clinical research Mel Jackson will be joining the session, to share a local and international perspective on the issue.

Young people are encouraged to log on as well, as they may not be aware of the health effects of vaping.

The session starts at 730pm tonight. Register here:

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