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WAM Online Tomorrow

WAM Online Tomorrow

The Write around the Murray Festival is determined to go ahead despite restrictions

Tomorrow, the Write around the Murray festival will be online again for the second year in a row.

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Festival Director Ann-Marree Ellis says it has been difficult to run an event when the state has been in and out of lockdowns. But they are persevering with the online festival.

Ms Ellis explained that in the past people have traveled from the cities to come “because it’s in the regions its smaller, its more intimate and it tends to be a friendly experience.”

It is the festivals 15th year of running and this year the focus is ‘things we love’.

Write Around the Murray has held the event online before, “the authors will be streaming in from their homes and our audience can still send questions via that chat.”

The event will highlight local authors as well as others from around Australia.

“It always tends to be an eclectic range of events so for people with varying interests there is usually something people can enjoy,” Ms Ellis said.

Photo: supplied by Write around the Murray

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