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World Record for Albury

World Record for Albury

World Record for Albury

Don't tell Cruella De Vil, but an Albury breeders Dalmatian has given birth to 19 beautiful puppies, breaking the world record for the breed!

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The litter is the largest for the breed of Dalmatian (Yes sorry to burst your bubble, 101 Dalmatians is fictional) and not far behind the largest litter ever of 24 mastiff's in the UK.

They're all currently a cute 6 weeks old after being born June 13 via c-section, and possibly the cutest thing you will ever see in your life:


The owner, Melissa O'Brien told The Border Mail she named them all after Disney movies (Pongo would be so proud.)

The puppies are ready for homes on August 8 - HOPE YOU HAVEN’T SPENT YOUR TAX RETURN YET.

**Keep a look out for any suspicious spotty fur coats

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