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Workers moving to regions

Workers moving to regions

Younger people are searching for jobs outside of the metro cities

Younger people from the cities are starting to move to regional areas for jobs, a new survey has found.

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Mars Wrigley surveyed over one thousand workers and students in manufacturing and STEM fields and found around 75 per cent of them were considering moving to the regions.

Career opportunities are bringing people away from the cities.

But General Manager Andrew Leaky explained, low cost of living and change of lifestyle pace are also factors that make the move easier.

“Surprisingly the trend was more prevalent among younger Aussies. 70 % wanting a regional change were under the age of 40,” Mr Leaky said.

“With over 40 per cent of food and beverage manufacturing jobs already based in regional Australia, its actually important that the industry continues to work with government to ensure ongoing investment."

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